A part of Mexico here in Guatemala

This is more or less how our sopes turned out, just not as fancy.

I am currently studying in Guatemala,  and like my “about me” explains, I don’t get to cook much here, living with a host family who cooks my meals for me. This can be nice, however I do miss my time experimenting in the kitchen. I have to say, I wont have the most interesting posts until I get back, but I decided to start now and work with what I’ve got. Fortunately, I got to cook a bit with my class today. An easy, yet muy rico recipe.

We made Mexican sopes, this is comparable (and ..basically is) a taco, but made slightly differently. It consists of a crispy tortilla piled with multiple ingredients. This is, like I said, a mexican dish which is comparable to  Guatemalan enchiladas. Enchiladas in Guatemala are very different than what they are portrayed as in the United States, which really isn’t a representation of anything authentic whatsoever. ( I am hopefully going to make a post about Guatemalan enchiladas later)

Sope ingredients:

Large carrot–Washed, with the outside skin peeled off, and then peeled with a potato peeler for thin strips, and then cut up

Onions–diced and then put in a bowl with lemon juice


Refried beans–cooked or heated

Chicken breast–boiled and cut up into small strips

Sour cream

Tortillas-(flour, or corn, which ever you prefer, corn tortillas are a staple here in Guatemala)

Assemble all your ingredients, and then take your tortillas, and fry them with oil in a pan to make them crispy. Possibly easier to buy them crispy, but soft tortillas are customary here. After your tortillas are nice and crispy, simply pile on your refried beans, carrots, lettuce, onions, chicken and sour cream. Guatemalans don’t use a lot of seasoning, mostly just salt, but any seasoning that you prefer would work here.

This is obviously quite a simple recipe, but it is better than many tacos I’ve had in the United States.

I didn’t bring my camera ( beginner blogger mistake) but there are lots of pictures of sopes that I will include here.

Buen Provecho! Thanks for trucking a long through my first blog post.


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